Mufti Abdul Qawi Promises Not To Take Pictures With Any Woman In Future

The controversial Mufti Qawi has promised not to take pictures with any future women.

According to the details, I have said in the program “It will not work like this” that I can swear that I never wear such clothes.

He said that he had criticized Babri Masjid and Modi on which some people had skillfully edited my video but he later apologized to me.

Mufti Abdul Qawi has also promised not to take pictures with any woman in the future.

Mufti Qawi has been embroiled in controversy over a recent viral video, which has denied all allegations.

Earlier, another controversial video of renowned cleric Mufti Abdul Qawi went viral in which he was seen dancing with a foreign woman.

Talking to Bol News regarding the video, Mufti Abdul Qawi termed the video as fake.

Mufti Qawi says that the N-League’s Metropole channel in London has made this video viral. I got a call last night from the owner of the channel, Hammad, that we were deleting the video.

He said that a Hindu boy works in the channel, he has made this video viral. The owner of the channel has said that we are firing the boy.

Mufti Qawi added that he has not sewn a black shirt till date. The shirt looks tight and tight while I wear loose clothing.

He said that the video was made by putting my neck on someone’s body. The video has nothing to do with reality.

Mufti Qawi said that the opponents did this out of enmity towards China and Pakistan and out of resentment of teaching the word to the Italian woman. I have been sitting in Multan for five days, the video is a conspiracy against me.