New Photos Of Aiza Khan In Pink Couple

Aiza Khan is a Pakistani television actress who has played the lead role in many television shows.

Recently, a few pictures of actress Aiza Khan in a beautiful pink couple have surfaced.

In the photos of the actress, it can be seen that Aiza Khan is wearing a pink dress while adopting an oriental style.

In these photos, the actress looks no less than a bride and her make-up adds to her beauty.

Remember that these pictures have been taken from the set of a new project of the actress in which she is playing the role of a girl named ‘Giti’.

Reports regarding this role are that this character of Aiza Khan is a tick talk star who is eager to make tick tack videos.

Aiza Khan started her career as an actress at the age of 18.

Aiza Khan has established herself as a well-known actress in Pakistan with many roles in various dramas.

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