News Of The Release Of The Demonic Spirit Caused An Uproar In Japan

News of the release of a demonic spirit spread like wildfire on social media in Japan on Monday.

The news began to spread after a stone was split in two.

This rock is a famous volcanic rock which is said to kill anyone who comes in contact with it.

According to the myths associated with the Seishu Seki or Assassin’s Creed, the stone is the mutilated body of a handsome young lady named Tamu Nome, who was part of a secret plot hatched by a feudal lord between 1107-1123 to assassinate the Japanese Emperor Toba.

According to the story, the woman’s true identity was that of a new-tailed fox whose soul was embedded in this lava rock in an area of ​​Tochigi Prefecture near Tokyo.

Consumers are terrified of it breaking down into almost two equal parts.

According to folklore, this stone constantly emits poisonous gas, hence the name killer stone.

The stone was said to have been destroyed, and the spirit was retrieved by a Buddhist monk who scattered its fragments throughout Japan.

The area is a tourist destination, where people were frightened when they found the rock broken.

One person said, “I think I’ve seen what shouldn’t be seen.”

Local media say cracks appeared in the rock several years ago, possibly due to rainwater entering and weakening its structure, splitting it in two.