Opposition Wants To Get NRO From Me In Case Of Vote, Prime Minister

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that now the opposition wants to take NRO from me in case of vote.

According to details, the internal story of the meetings of the members of the National Assembly with Prime Minister Imran Khan came to light.

The Prime Minister said that I know that the opposition is contacting you but conscience is also something. Listen to it and if only thieves and looters have to vote then what will be the difference between you and them.

Imran Khan also said that the decision of the Supreme Court is welcome, the identification of ballot papers will end horse trading.

The Prime Minister said that now they want to get NRO from me in case of vote, I will not bow before those who want to.

Imran Khan also said that I know inflation is a problem but we will overcome these challengers.

Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that the members of Parliament would complete the ongoing development schemes on a priority basis.


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