People Who Recover From Corona Have Long-Term Protection, Research Says

Some time ago, a study revealed that people recovering from corona can relapse to Covid 19.

However, experts did not have a definitive answer in this regard, but a recent study by US scientists has revealed that people who recover from corona have long-term protection.

According to the scientists, the study involved 254 cohort patients, in which even 8 months after the onset of the disease, the immune response to the virus inactivation in all individuals has been found to be long-lasting and solid.

The study found that not only does the severity of the immune response increase with the severity of the disease, but it can vary from person to person of all ages, meaning that there are unknown factors that can affect the response to code in different age groups. Are

Scientists have discovered that the body’s immune shield not only makes antibodies against a variety of viruses, but also activates specific T and B cells to form a memory that provides a more stable defense against re-infection. Is.

The researchers said they were surprised to see that cod patients were protected from other common human corona viruses, suggesting that those who defeated the disease were also protected from new strains of corona. Can