Photos Of Assad And Nimrah Go Viral On Social Media

       Some pictures of newlyweds Asad and Nimrah, popularly known as teenage couples, went viral on social media.

The latest photos of the viral couple Asad and Nimrah at the recent wedding have given an opportunity to talk about the couple on social media.

In the viral photos, it can be seen that Nimrah is wearing a maxi dress while Asad is wearing a black three-piece suit.

It may be recalled that a debate among Pakistani social media users about the exact age of marriage erupted when pictures of a married couple went viral on social media.

However, Asad’s sister Zarpash Khan, who tied the knot, had clarified on social media that the couple was not forced to marry by the family and both of them were adamant in their decision. Are happy

It should be noted that while many users expressed good wishes for the couple, other users also mentioned issues related to early marriage.


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