Precious Material Used In Apple’s Cheapest IPhone

US technology giant Apple on March 8 introduced the cheapest iPhone ever.

Equipped with 5G technology, the phone was launched for just $429 (76,000 Pakistani).

The iPhone SE 2022 has created an atmosphere of stiff competition for its competitors, especially Samsung.

Apple has announced the use of carbon-free aluminum in this model.

In a statement issued today, Apple said it wants to keep the metals used in the casing of its products carbon-free. 3

For this, the carbon-free aluminum used in the iPhone SE 2022 has been purchased in large quantities.

Apple bought a small amount of the carbon-free substance in 2019 from a Canadian company, Elysis, for laboratory testing. The MacBook Pro was originally used in 16 inches.

This technology, developed by Elysis, uses the ceramic anode (a positively charged plate of two palettes used in electrolysis to combine negatively charged ions) to form an aluminum that emits only oxygen. Is.

The company plans to launch the technology on a commercial basis by 2024.

Details of the amount of material purchased by Apple and the amount paid have not been disclosed.