Prepare Thousands Of Chemical Weapons In Just Six Hours!

A model of artificial intelligence created 40,000 deadly chemical compounds in just six hours after being commissioned by researchers.

A team of scientists was using artificial intelligence to find compounds that could be used to treat diseases.

And in the process, chemical compounds came out that could easily kill humans.

At a conference in Relia, North Carolina, USA, on the potential adverse effects of new technology on drugs, a company said that their artificial intelligence algorithms had discovered the deadliest compounds.

The researchers wanted to see how easily the artificial intelligence algorithm could be misused if it were used instead of positively.

Once misdirected, this model preceded the creation of thousands of new chemical compounds. Many of these chemicals are similar to the dangerous drugs used to calm the nerves today.

Some of the compounds made from AI were similar to VX, a highly toxic neurotransmitter. It can range from very small doses to severe convulsions.

The researchers said that the most dangerous thing was that this artificial intelligence model could be used to make chemical weapons.