Prizes Came Out On Both Lottery Tickets Bought By Mistake

A man from North Carolina bought two lottery tickets that look alike in the photo. But luckily for both tickets, the prizes came out. The total prize money is 780,000.

Scotty Thomas, 49, mistakenly filled in the ticket numbers, and when his son drew attention to it, he realized his mistake. The tickets were purchased under the North Carolina Education Scheme.

But when the result came out, he was surprised to see that on both the tickets he would get a total amount of 780,000 which is equivalent to Rs. 138 million in Pakistani rupees and also a huge amount.

But remember that the lottery money is tax-deductible and thus they will be entitled to five and a half million dollars. Scotty Thomas said he would use the money to start a business because he was tired of driving trucks. He is also thinking of buying a new house with some money.

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