Punjab Excise launched Universal Number Plates and Smart Card

Punjab Excise launched Universal Number Plates and Smart Cards and will be available from 17 August 2020.

According to details, in September 2018, PMLN-Government gave approval on Punjab Universal Number Plates and Smart Cards Project. The Universal Number plate is launched due to some reason which are mentioned below.

  1. Universal Number Plates will be Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) – In Simple terms these plates can be easily recognized by Traffic Cameras which were installed in Safe City Project.
  2. These Plates will fulfill people requirements of fancy plates as now people can design as their desire.
  3. There is to be a standard number plate across Punjab which means it will not become a problem for cars to be sold to another city. Actually they seem to be smaller than their automobiles as we realize that whenever anyone sells a car in a big city such as Lahore and a vehicle plate is from small cities or towns. This problem will therefore be resolved once and for all.

Universal Plates Designs

Smart Card Design

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