Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with God has aided her in dealing with family strife.

‘One of the things the queen has done throughout everything is pray,’ the royal expert said.

Queen Elizabeth II’s final years as monarch have been tumultuous, owing to the numerous scandals and controversies that the royal family has had to deal with.

According to a religious expert, Her Majesty has managed to keep her cool by relying on her religious faith.

“She has a deep religious beliefs,” Matthew Dennison stated in an interview with Fox News. Throughout it all, the queen has done one thing: she has prayed.”

“She also has a solid structure of loyal, supporting private secretaries, ladies in waiting, and devoted friends around her. He also mentioned that she had the support of her close-knit family.

“She has a hard time confronting challenging situations.” “I believe she has improved over time,” he remarked.

“She has a spiritual connection.” She is a monarch who vowed to God that she would carry out her responsibilities. And it is a vow she has kept throughout her life. Even as a young woman, she had to deal with a lot of pressure about what kind of monarch she should be… He stated, “She has embraced that role.”

“It was never a reasonable expectation that the queen would abdicate because of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh.”

She has always been clear that the pledges she made during her coronation are binding in the rare times she has spoken about it with her close friends. These are promises she made in church to God. These are divine assurances. She’s always stated that she would abdicate only if she were to develop Alzheimer’s disease, have a stroke, or become otherwise incompetent. “However, this is a lifelong job,” he continued.

“Two more big events in her life influenced her latter years — the death of her mother at 101 and then the death of her adored sister Princess Margaret a few weeks before that,” Dennison said.

“The queen’s attitude to both of these awful losses was to continue working on the job at hand. As a result, I’m not shocked that this was also her reaction to the Duke’s death. He went on to remark, “It doesn’t mean she isn’t feeling it very profoundly.”

Dennison commented on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure, saying: “The choice to take a step back had to be presented to the queen first.”

The queen was quite active. The initial decision [the Duke and Duchess of Sussex] made was a half-in, half-out arrangement. One in which they would spend part of the year as ordinary people in North America and the rest of the year as working members of the royal family in Britain or the Commonwealth.”

“It’s just not doable.” As the queen has demonstrated, this is not a part-time job. The queen’s duty is all-encompassing. Every day of your existence is dedicated to duty. You can’t take a break from it for six months or a year.”

“He stated, “She reacted extremely sympathetically to her grandchild, but she also reacted very plainly and forcefully.”

There is little doubt that the queen was disappointed with what had occurred. And when the interview [with Oprah] aired in the United Kingdom, it was shocking. The televised interview stunned many people since it appeared to be such a cruel thing to do. The timing, of course, was shocking. Many people believe she should be in calm waters at her age. He went on to say, “She shouldn’t have to deal with this.”

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