Rebranding of Pakistani Currency : State Bank of Pakistan?

The State Bank of Pakistan is rumoured to be planning the introduction of new design currency notes.

The new currency notes, according to unsubstantiated sources, will be effective in combating counterfeit notes. The State Bank of Pakistan has yet to make an official remark about the new currency notes’ design.

Meanwhile, photographs of supposed new currency notes in the values of Rs1,000, Rs100, Rs50, and Rs500 are making the rounds, with allegations that the State Bank of Pakistan will issue them this year.

Pakistani Currency new design is introduced by Noor Ul Hassan student of Fine Arts Dep University of Peshawar in his research thesis. He is KP’s First & Pakistan’s 3rd designer who came up with such a brilliant idea.

50 Rupees Pakistani Currency

100 Rupees Pakistani Currency

500 Rupees Pakistani Currency

1000 Rupees Pakistani Currency