Recommendation Of Islamic Ideological Council For Construction Of Cremation Ground For Hindus

The Islamic Ideological Council has recommended that Hindus be allowed to build and build crematoriums.

The Islamic Ideological Council recommended that the temple at Syedpur Village be handed over to Hindus. Permission has also been recommended for Hindus to set up community centers.

The council did not recommend the construction of a new temple in Islamabad.

The Islamabad High Court had referred the matter of funding for the construction of the new temple to the Islamic Ideological Council. According to the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, the decision to build a temple in the federal capital will be taken by the Islamic Ideological Council.

The Minister for Religious Affairs had said that the government has not provided any funds for the temple in Islamabad at present.

Minority MPs had also requested funds from the Ministry of Religious Affairs for the construction of the temple, but the Ministry of Religious Affairs does not release funds for the construction of minority places of worship.

Hindu MPs had applied to the Human Rights Commission in 2017 for the construction of a shrine. At the request of the Ministry of Human Rights, the Federal Development Agency (FDA) allotted space for the temple in 2020.

Sector H-9-2 of Islamabad has been allotted for the Hindu community’s place of worship.


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