Register 300,000 Latinos to Vote in Key States in November

The vote of the Latino community can decide the future of the United States

Latinos and other minorities decided with their vote in various states.

The vote of the Latino community could define the future of the United States, which is why voter registration becomes more important in the months before the November 3 elections.

The Voto Latino organization has managed to register more than 300,000 Latino voters as of this Tuesday, in a race against time to complete the half million voters, mostly located in key states, to participate in the elections on November 3.

The figures were revealed this Tuesday, when National Voter Registration Day is celebrated , and the need for Latinos to participate in the votes marked by the coronavirus pandemic is gaining strength, the organization said.

“In the face of the global pandemic and the economic recession, Voto Latino serves as a guide to connect and empower the voter,” said María Teresa Kumar, president and CEO of Voto Latino , in a statement .

“We have cracked the code to be able to register voters during simultaneous crises, and we will leave absolutely nothing to chance. The stakes couldn’t be higher for the Latino community , ”the activist insisted.

Voto Latino, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting the political participation of Hispanics, has so far registered 307,161 Hispanic voters for the 2020 election cycle, bringing the total number of registered voters for this organization to more than 800,000 from who began his crusade in 2016.

The majority of registrations for this election are young voters , and 77% are between the ages of 18 and 39 , and 39.61% are women.

The organization highlighted the effort to register Latinos in conservative states like Texas, where 166,520 voters have registered.

Voto Latino has also registered 21, 449 voters in Georgia, 7,908 in Colorado, 18,538 in North Carolina and 23,370 in Arizona .

Kumar explained that for this cycle the organization has raised 19 million dollars to register 500,000 voters and mobilize 2.2 million people unwilling to vote in decisive states.

“Voto Latino is already more than halfway to reaching our goal of 500,000 voter registrations for the 2020 cycle,” said the activist.

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How to register to vote on November 3?

New Yorkers can vote early in person between October 24 and November 1.

Attention! Deadline to register to vote approaches on November 3 in NYC