Report On NA-75 By-Election Released

The Free and Fair Election Network has released a report regarding the NA-75 by-election.

According to the report, by-elections were held for 3 seats in the National Assembly and 5 seats in the Provincial Assemblies from February 16 to 22. During the by-elections, there was a clear improvement in the overall electoral system.

According to the report, irregularities were observed during the counting of votes in the NA-75 by-election, due to which the Election Commission had to withhold the result of the NA-75 by-election.

According to the report, a total of 1.7 irregularities were reported in eight constituencies, while violations of Corona SOPs, general violations related to illegal election campaign came to light.

The report said that the process of polling and counting of votes in the by-elections has improved while the Election Commission needs to improve administrative matters in the wake of violent incidents outside polling stations in NA-75 and officials have a constitutional responsibility to be free and impartial. Make sure the election.

The Fair Election Network further said in the report that the Election Commission needs to take strict measures to prevent violent incidents during the elections, imposing fines and severe punishments on government officials who obstruct transparent elections.

The report further said that under Section 9 (1), the Election Commission may conduct re-elections in the constituencies where the results were received late. Despite the NA-75 incidents, the recent by-elections were better than the 2018 general elections.

The report noted that political parties were allowed to set up party campuses near 71 per cent of the polling stations in violation of the code of conduct.

The report further said that no violation was observed during the counting process in eight constituencies.


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