Request For Cross-Examination On Misha Shafi’s Statement Via Video Link

A local court in Lahore rejected the request for cross-examination on Misha Shafi’s statement through video link.

According to details, during the hearing of the defamation suit against Mesha Shafi by the Lahore Sessions Court, the apex judge on April 7 summoned Mesha Shafi for cross-examination on the statement.

Additional Sessions Judge Khan Mahmood heard the case against Ali Zafar.

The Sessions Court had reserved judgment on Mesha Shafi’s application for cross-examination at the last hearing through video link.

In Ali Zafar’s defamation suit against Mesha Shafi, arguments were completed on Mesha Shafi’s request for cross-examination through video link.

Preserving the verdict of the case, the court had directed Ali Zafar to file reply to Mesha Shafi’s claim at the next hearing.

Earlier, a defamation suit was filed against singer Mesha Shafi in Sessions Court Lahore.

Ali Zafar, while requesting the court to reject Mesha Shafi’s application with a fine, termed Mesha Shafi’s application as baseless and a waste of court time.

The Lahore High Court had also rejected Ali Zafar’s application for dismissal of the case registered in the FIA ​​against Mesha Shafi.

The court had ruled on the application filed in the FIA ​​against Mesha Shafi for expulsion.