Romanian Singers Have Also Become Obsessed With The Dialogue Of “Power Girl”

Romanian electropop band Accent singer Adrian Cena has also become obsessed with Pakistani Power Girl’s viral dialogue.

In Pakistan last week, on February 6, a 5-second video of Dananerki, a YouTuber and Valagar girl, went so viral on social media that rumors of it spread across the border.

On micro-blogging site Twitter, romantic singer Adrian Cena shared a video in which he is in an icy area and adopting the unique style of Pakistani power girl Dana Nair saying in Urdu that hey, I have an accent, it’s snow. And I’m empowering.

Dana Nayyar’s viral video was highly praised for speaking Urdu in English and was made into videos by showbiz personalities, politicians, young students, ordinary people and people with professional responsibilities.

Power Girl also made a new video of herself, which was made by Indian music composer Ishraj Makhate on her dialogues ‘This is our car, this is us and this is our power’.

Dana Nerco has been dubbed the ‘Power’ Girl, a YouTuber, Vlogger and digital content creator.

Her real name is Dananir, which is a Pashtun name, but she has made it clear on her Instagram that it is difficult to get her real name correctly, so she can also be called ‘Gina’.


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