Russia Offers Single-Engine Jet

Russia has introduced a single-engine fighter jet.

According to media reports, the Russian president has visited international aerospace in which he was briefed on a single-engine fighter jet.

The CEO of International Aerospace says that this single-engine jet has extensive combat capabilities at a very low cost.

He further said that the aircraft has been designed with the help of modern technology keeping in view the requirements and challenges of the future.

Referring to this jet, he further said that the aircraft can be modified to the desired shape by modifying it on foreign demands.

The CEO informed the President that the company also intends to have serial production by 2026 and 300 single light jets could be manufactured in 15 years.

It is estimated that the first flight of this aircraft may take place in 2023, but before that it will be tested on the ground and then it will be offered for a test flight.

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