Saudi Arabia: Government warns all foreigners

Riyadh: Foreigners and local Saudis living in Saudi Arabia have been warned to keep their minds open to protect themselves from fraudulent elements and not to blindly trust anyone.

In this regard, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority “Sadaya” has asked citizens and expatriates not to respond to any contact with those seeking personal information and code numbers.

Management has always said that the main purpose of such communicators is to steal user data and cause financial loss to data holders.

According to the Emergency website, Sadaya said in a statement that he had recently contacted several Saudi nationals and foreigners residing in different parts of the country, claiming that he was an official of the National Information Center and needed to update the data of the bank account holders. Want to get information?

Sadaya said in a statement that no bank in Saudi Arabia makes any telephone contact with any account holder for personal information under any circumstances, and no account holder would respond to such contact.

“Make sure the contact is fraudulent and they will harm you in obtaining the data,” the statement said.

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