Senate Election: Instructions On The Use Of Ballot Papers Issued

 The Election Commission has issued instructions for the use of ballot papers in Senate elections.

According to details, on March 3, the Election Commission issued instructions to educate voters for the election of Senate seats, saying that there would be separate ballot papers for general, technocrat, women and minority seats.

The Election Commission informed that the names of the candidates will be written on each ballot paper, voters will be able to write their preferred vote in Urdu or English while in case of writing priority in both Urdu and English, the vote will be rejected.

The instructions said that even if the numbers were written in words, the vote would be considered rejected, while any candidate would be rejected even if he cast two different preference votes and each candidate would be given one preference vote.

Informing the voters, the Election Commission said that giving the same preference vote to two different candidates would also invalidate the vote, while not writing the preference vote in front of any candidate and leaving the relevant box could lead to rejection of the ballot paper.

The Election Commission has also trained all Provincial Assembly and National Assembly members on how to cast their votes.

It should be noted that polling for the Senate elections will be held on March 3 in all four provincial and national assemblies. The polling process will continue from 9 am to 5 pm.


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