Shah Veer Jafari’s Quarrel With Ayesha Baig, His Wife Kicked Him Out Of The House

 Well-known Vlogger Shah Veer Jafri has been kicked out of the house by his wife Ayesha Baig.

Shahveer Jafari shared a photo on Instagram, a photo and video sharing app.

In this photo, Shah Veer can be seen outside the house, lying on a bed with a pillow and quilt, using a mobile phone.

He wrote in the caption of his post that he was resting outside the house after winning the debate with his wife.

Hundreds of comments are being made on this post by social media users in which they say that Shah Veer has described the scenes after his fight with his wife in a very appropriate way.

It should be noted that Shah Veer Jafari had won the title of the best vlogger in the year 2021.