Sindh Assembly, Deviant Members Of PTI Quarrel

On the arrival of deviant PTI members Shehryar Shar, Aslam Abro and Karim Bakhsh in the Sindh Assembly, there was a fierce quarrel among the three members.

According to details, a meeting of Sindh Assembly was held today under the chairmanship of Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani.

During the meeting, deviant PTI assembly members Shehar Yar Shar, Aslam Abro and Karim Bakhsh Gabol reached the assembly and were greeted by PPP members by banging their desks while PTI members grabbed their members.

Later, the members of the Assembly got into a scuffle and even stabbed each other, but the issue of the Senate came to a head.

During the fight of the members of the assembly, the windows of the table in the Sindh assembly were also broken.


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