Sustainable Peace In Afghanistan Is A Common Goal Of Pakistan And The United States, Interior Minister

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that lasting peace in Afghanistan is a common goal of Pakistan and the United States.

According to details, Acting US Ambassador Angela P. Egler called on Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.

During the meeting, Pakistan-US relations, issues of mutual interest, the new US administration and lasting peace in Afghanistan were discussed.

In addition, the appeal filed in the High Court against the accused in the murder case of American journalist Daniel Pearl was also discussed.

The Acting US Ambassador said that he valued Pakistan’s efforts for lasting peace in Afghanistan. With the new US administration, there is ample opportunity to improve Pak-US relations.

He further said that justice is expected from the Pakistani court in the murder case of American citizen and journalist Daniel Pearl. Daniel Pearl’s family is waiting for justice.

The Federal Home Minister said that relations between Pakistan and the United States are very long. It is hoped that the new US administration will significantly improve Pak-US relations.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Sustainable peace in Afghanistan is a common goal of Pakistan and the United States. Pakistan has made tremendous sacrifices for the peace of Afghanistan. We will continue to work closely with the new US administration for lasting peace in Afghanistan.

He further said that appeals against the release of Omar Sheikh in the Daniel Pearl murder case were pending in the Supreme Court. The courts in Pakistan are independent, it is believed that the decision of the higher judiciary will be in accordance with justice and law.

The Acting US Ambassador also appreciated Pakistan’s efforts to control the corona virus.

Federal Home Secretary Yousuf Naseem Khokhar was also present in the meeting.


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