The Civil Aviation Authority Has Reduced The Number Of Category A Countries

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a new advisory for overseas passengers, chartered and private jet owners.

According to the details, the Civil Aviation Authority has reduced the number of countries in Category A from 24 to 15.

The CAA has not announced what will be the category of the 9 countries that have been removed from the category.

At the same time, the CAA has decided to maintain restrictions on travelers from Category C countries.

Officials say the new advisory will remain in effect until March 14.

Keep in mind that passengers from Category A countries will be exempt from the Corona test.

According to officials, A category includes China, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Australia, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, South Korea and other countries.

Similarly, corona virus test has been made mandatory for passengers coming from Category B countries 72 hours before the journey while it has been decided to maintain the ban on passengers coming from Category C countries to come to Pakistan.

According to the CAA, citizens of Category C countries must obtain a permit to visit Pakistan, which includes 15 countries, including the United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil and Kenya.


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