The Food Safety Authority Sealed The Ice Cream Factory With Chemicals

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety Authority conducted an operation in Mardan which resulted in the sealing of the ice cream factory over the use of expired chemicals and dyes.

According to the Food Safety Authority, more than 500 liters of unhealthy ice cream were destroyed from the unit during the operation.

The Food Safety Authority said the factory was packing ice cream in the name of other brands.

 The Food Safety Authority said that a large quantity of packing material was confiscated from the unit and a bakery unit was sealed and more than 300 rotten eggs were recovered on the use of rotten eggs.

On the other hand, the Food Safety Authority, while conducting an operation in Shamsi Road, Sheikh Maltoon Town, Mardan, inspected the dairy shops and found 10 to 24 percent water in the milk.

The Food Safety Authority said several dairy shops had been fined for violating the rules.

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