The Moon Is Rusting, The American Scientist Revealed

US scientists have discovered rust on the moon.

According to a foreign news agency, the discovery of rust on the moon, which is relatively high at its poles, while slightly lower in other places.

Note that this discovery is also surprising because none of the two most important elements that make rust on the moon, water and oxygen are present, but still rust has been discovered there.

It may be recalled that the study was conducted jointly by experts from five US research institutes headed by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory with the help of special equipment installed by NASA on India’s Chandrayaan mission.

A special type of iron oxide, hematite, was discovered at the poles, which can be simply called the “rust twin” because its basic chemical formula is the same as that of rust.

Keep in mind that this rust on the moon is actually in the form of a mineral called “hematite” which is abundant in the natural ore of iron on earth.

The question is, why is there rust on the moon without oxygen and water?

Explaining a possible reason for this, experts say that the hydrogen reaching the moon may have reached there with the “solar winds” coming from the sun. Oxygen on the moon, on the other hand, is thought to be in the Earth’s upper atmosphere, which was pushed to the moon by a terrestrial magnetic field.

It should be noted that this idea seems very reasonable because the part of the moon that is always in the opposite direction to the earth does not have rust on it, while rust has been discovered only in the part that faces the earth. ۔


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