The Prime Minister Will Meet The National Cricket Team Today

Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet the national cricket team today.

According to details, the purpose of the meeting with PM Imran Khan is to encourage the team to play in the World Cup. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Rameez Raja will also be present in the meeting with PM Imran Khan.

 The Prime Minister will also give important instructions to the players of the national cricket team while the meeting will also discuss the cancellation of New Zealand and England cricket teams.

According to sources, the meeting will be held at 4 pm at the Prime Minister’s House.

During the meeting, PCB Chairman Rameez Raja will brief the Prime Minister on the talks to be held with the board heads after the cancellation of New Zealand and UK visit to Pakistan.

After the non-arrival of international teams in Pakistan, the Prime Minister will be informed about the new strategy of the Cricket Board. Rameez Raja will also brief the Prime Minister about the high level changes in the Board.

It should be noted that the English Cricket Board had also refused to send its team after the sudden cancellation of the tour by New Zealand last week.

A press release issued by the English Cricket Board said that it has been decided not to send men’s and women’s teams.

A spokesman for the ECB said the decision was being made in view of the mental and physical health of the players. It is estimated that the decision will be disappointing, after which they are depressed about the impact on cricket.

On the other hand, speaking in this regard, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that the New Zealand cricket team announced the cancellation of the tour at the last moment, the game is for whites, we have a hobby, it should be a hobby, not a drug.

Federal Minister Sheikh Rashid said that New Zealand cricket team gave protocol, security of two helicopters and army, if New Zealand cricket team does not come then we are not waiting for nine issues.

The Home Minister said that the IMF and other officials were also present where the New Zealand team was staying. The cancellation of the New Zealand and British cricket team tour is light music.

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