The Secret Button Of The Mobile That You Will Be Surprised To Know About

Do you know the secret button of mobile?

According to the details, the well-known American mobile company Apple has added a customized button after updating its current operating system for iPhones.

Apple released its operating system iOS 14 on September 16.

This operating system has quietly added a backup feature in which some tasks can be performed by tapping the back of the iPhone.

To activate this button, first go to your iPhone’s settings.

Next enter the Accessibility option, go to the Touch option where you will see the back tap below.

However, after selecting it, you will be able to select what tasks you can perform with this button.

It can also be selected on double tap ie 2 different tapes and 3 different tap taps.

Most users are currently using double tap for screenshots.

Keep in mind that many consumers are not aware of the customized buttons added by the well-known mobile company Apple.


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