The Video Of The Bride Smoking Has Gone Viral

Since various videos have gone viral on social media, people have started sharing all kinds of videos on their social media accounts to gain popularity in a short time. Sometimes these videos are becoming popular which should not have gone viral. One such video is of a bride smoking a cigarette.

In the video that is being watched on social media these days, there is a newlywed couple. In this video, it can be seen that the bride is dressed in a wedding dress while she may be accompanied by her husband.

This man also smokes cigarettes and then passes the cigarette towards the girl whom he also smokes. The smoke is scattered in the air.

In any case, intoxication is not a good thing and the bride’s cigarette is not a good thing.

The caption of this video says that the bride is smoking on the wedding day. What do you think about this girl?

It should be noted that after watching this video, mixed reactions are emerging from the user.

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