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Those Who Use Democracy For Their Corruption Are Becoming Fake Champions

Special Assistant Shahbaz Gill has said that those who use democracy for their corruption are becoming fake champions. PML-N which destroyed the economy is responsible for the current economic crisis. The people know that gangs engaged in looting for three decades have taken over the country. Suffered from economic situation.

Reacting to the statement of PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal, Dr. Shahbaz Gill said that the reason for going ahead of other countries is that there were no corrupt leaders like Mian Mafroor, nor were courtiers like Aristotle imposed on these countries. Are being used for their corruption are becoming fake champions.

Shahbaz Gul said that PTI was challenged to repay the loan installment of قرض 11 billion and incurred a deficit of 20 20 billion as soon as it got the government. Leaving at لاکھ 1 million, there was a surplus of 73 73 million last month, with exports growing 29 percent last month and remittances rising nine percent.

Dr. Shahbaz Gill said that this improvement in the economy is due to the vision of Imran Khan, the business which you destroyed due to expensive electricity is being revived today, jobs are increasing with the development of industries, today Young people are being given loans to run their own businesses.

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