Uncle’s Strict Discipline Is The Secret Of Rafael Nadal Becoming A Champion

Criticism of discipline violations has played a key role in making Rafael Nadal a great champion.

Rafael Nadal won his second Australian Open title on Sunday, January 30, beating Federer and Djokovic.

Rafael Nadal equaled Roger Federer’s record of winning 20 Grand Slams at the 2020 French Open. To date, no athlete has won more Grand Slam titles in men’s singles than Rafael Nadal.

In the early days, Nadal’s uncles were very strict about discipline. Tony Nadal says there were a lot of expectations from Raphael.

At the end of the practice, Tony often insisted that Nadal pick up all the balls and clean the dirt off them.

When 11-year-old Nadal won the Spanish Under-12 national title, Tony’s tough stance came back. However, Tony said that he wanted to know that whatever he has achieved at this age is not a big deal for the future. My intention was not to lower his hopes, but to make him realize that this was just a small achievement.

Tony says there weren’t too many differences in the family. Sebastien and Anna Maria also acknowledged that Tony had been instrumental in fulfilling their son’s wishes.

“I was a coach who focused more on how to strengthen Nadal’s personality than on teaching him the tricks of the game,” says Tony.

The basic skills that led to Nadal winning 21 Grand Slams, 37 Masters and every major award in the world of tennis are still visible to us in every one of his matches. Considering Nadal’s abilities, the fabric of these skills is found in the rigorous training that Tony gave him as a child.

Not letting any of his physical weakness get in the way of his mind, Nadal probably realized this on the day he played a match with a broken finger in Spain’s U-14 tennis tournament, because he did not show it to his uncle. They wanted to weaken because of a broken finger.

Playing with full concentration even under extreme pressure and solving the problem that occurs during the match on the spot, Nadal says that these things were also taught by the same magician of my childhood.

We saw the same thing in the final of the 2019 US Open when they defeated Daniel Medvedev in a long match. The latest demonstration of these abilities took place last Sunday in the final of the Australian Open.

Today, Tony heads Nadal’s academy in Maurica.

Tony was last seen with Rafael Nadal as coach in 2017, when he won the French Open for the tenth time.