Undertaker Then Started Aiming For The US Presidency

Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson has expressed interest in a future US presidency.

Dwayne Johnson said that he is very serious about this, I will consider running in the US presidential election in the future if people want.

According to a foreign news agency, the legendary wrestler The Undertaker, who retired from wrestling after Dwayne Johnson expressed interest in the US presidency, has said that Dwayne Johnson can unite the people of America.

Legendary wrestler The Undertaker said that he would not be surprised if The Rock really took to the field.

Undertaker then went on to say that Dwayne Johnson had a charming personality, and he did everything he could with his heart.

“I know he has passion, and I think he can unite the people that people are looking for,” he said.

“I don’t know, there are a lot of possibilities. If Dwayne Johnson decides on the US presidency, I will fully support his efforts,” Undertaker said.

He added that people still call Dwayne Johnson a ‘rock’.

It should be noted that Dwayne Johnson had expressed interest in the future US presidency, but he has linked this decision entirely with the wishes of the people.


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