Video Of Ali Zafar’s Younger Brother With Aliza Shah Goes Viral

The video of Daniel Zafar, younger brother of Pakistan showbiz industry actor, host and singer Ali Zafar, went viral with actress Aliza Shah.

According to details, an interesting video of Daniel Zafar with well-known actress Aliza Shah is going viral on social media.

Daniel Zafar has shared a video on his social media account Instagram in which he can be seen with Aliza Shah.

In the video shared by Daniel Aziz, it can be seen that he is hiding behind a wall and waiting for Aliza Shah.

As soon as Alize Shah comes out of a room, Daniel Aziz scares her with a loud voice which frightens Alize Shah.

However, after being scared, Aliza Shah is also killing Daniel Zafar to get her revenge.

Watching the viral video, it seems that these two artists are present on a set.

Aliza Shah’s fans are making curious comments on Daniel Zafar’s video about what is going on in them.

On the other hand, this video of Daniel Zafar was shared by Alizee Shah on the story of her Instagram account in which she said that ‘Daniel Zafar did not fix it.’

It should be noted that singer Ali Zafar’s younger brother Daniel Zafar is also a singer by profession and also does modeling.


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