Video Of Dana Nair’s Song Known As Power Girl Goes Viral

Dana Nair has posted another video on her photo and video sharing app Instagram.

According to the details, Dana Nair has posted a video in which she is singing Tera Meera Rishta.

It should be noted that a video has been going viral on social media in recent days in which a young girl is present with her friends in the northern part of Pakistan and says, ‘This is our car, this is us and this is our power. Is.’

Like Dana Nayyar’s dialogues, Pakistani showbiz stars are also making videos with their friends and sharing them on social media.

In addition, Dana Nair has shared her new video on her official account on the social media site Instagram in which she is dressed for Valentine’s Day while holding a red rose in her hand.

In his new video, Dana Nair speaks these dialogues:

This is me, this is my Valentine and this is the flower I have gifted myself.

“Love yourself before you love someone,” Dana Nair told her fans at the end of the video.

This video of Power Girl is also very popular among social media users and in just a few hours, more than seven lakh users have watched Dana Nayyar’s Valentine’s Day video.

On the other hand, after going viral in Pakistan, the video ‘This is our power’ became so popular across the border that the video turned into a song as soon as we saw it.

Renowned Indian music composer Yashraj Makhate, who is known for turning video clips from TV shows and movies into funny songs, has also turned this interesting video of a Pakistani girl into a song.


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