What Does The Shape Of The Hands Say About A Person’s Personality? Amazing Revelations

Human hands are a perfect reflection of a person’s personality and palmists can delve into the depths of a person’s personality through the lines of their hands.

According to experts, the shape of the palm of the hand, as well as the shape and texture of the fingers, is very helpful in knowing about a person’s personality.

1: The structure of the fingers of the hands

The human hand has four fingers and a thumb which have different structures and these structures show the effects on their personality.

If a finger is crooked, bent, such a finger is considered weak, while a straight and strong finger is considered strong. Similarly, the structure of the thumb can be considered weak and strong.

* Straight and long thumb is called strong thumb and it shows the desire of man to succeed in his profession.

* If the first or index finger is straight and long, it is called strong and it is a sign of the strength of the human character and strong personality.

* The strength of the middle finger is a sign of a responsible person who is confident and wise.

* The strength of the fourth or ring finger means that the person shows a tendency towards the arts.

* The strength of the little finger reflects a person’s social behavior. The stronger the finger, the easier it will be for a person to pass on his or her thoughts and attitudes to others.

2: The structure of the tips of the fingers

The shape of the fingers can also affect the personality. Basically, the last edge of the fingers can have four different textures.

* If the last tip of the finger is round, then such people are peace-loving, they run away from quarrels.

* If the last tip of the finger is pointed, then it is proof of the spirituality of any person.

* If the last tip of the finger is square, then such people are very moody and make the biggest decisions because of their mood.

• People with shovel-like ends are very angry and believe in making their own way. They have very little ability to listen and tolerate others.

3: The distance between the fingers

To check the distance between the fingers of the hand, place the hand on a smooth surface in a normal manner and observe.

* If there is a proper distance between all the fingers of the hands, it means that the water has a free-thinking and likes to experiment.

* If the distance between all the fingers is short, it indicates careful behavior. Such people are not easy to get along with.

• If the distance between the middle finger and the ring finger is greater then such people are rarely affected by anyone and if the distance between these fingers is less and they are connected to each other then it is an indication that you have social customs. They consider it better to follow customs and adhere to social boundaries and restrictions.

• If the distance between the ring finger and the little finger is large, it is a sign that you are a good-natured person and rarely take anything seriously, whereas if the distance between these fingers is short, it is Proof that you love adventure and your restless nature makes you less comfortable.