What Is The Secret To Living A Healthy Life In Old Age?

Today we will tell you how a person can keep himself young and healthy in old age.

In order to stay healthy in old age, it is necessary to abstain from junk food at the age of 30, as a person lives an active life till the age of 60.

According to a study conducted in this regard, eating high-fat food and market food makes a person grow old quickly.

Research has shown that in middle age, if olive oil is used instead of macaroni and ordinary oils and fruits are made a part of the diet, then even in old age, people are as fit as a young person.

On the other hand, American experts say that people who participate more in social activities and keep in touch with friends, etc., stay healthy in old age.

The study, led by Dr. Cynthia Felix at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health, involved 300 American volunteers with an average age of about 83 years.

How healthy were the minds of these elders? To find out, Cynthia and her colleagues used MRI and other sensitive instruments to examine the brain parts of all-volunteer elders that are directly related to memory and analysis.

After brain studies, experts found that older people who were sociable and more socially active had better gray matter in their brains and more live and active nerve cells.

In contrast, in the elderly who gave up interaction, this part of the brain was in a very weak state, while the number of living nerve cells was also very low.

Dr. Cynthia says that if you have only one friend in old age with whom you can spend time and share your joys and sorrows, it has a great effect on mental health.

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