WhatsApp Started Working On Google’s Unique Feature

WhatsApp has started working on another unique feature while continuing to add new features and tools one after the other.

WhatsApp introduced a feature called Business Directory six months ago, according to WeBata Info, a website that tracks changes to WhatsApp. With the help of which users could know about the WhatsApp business of the nearest clothing, hotel and grocery stores around them without shutting down the WhatsApp.

The Business Directory feature was initially introduced on a limited scale in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

WhatsApp today announced the addition of another feature called ‘Business Near Buy’ to its platform, which will allow users to find out about the business centers and other places around them.

Screenshots of the WhatsApp beta for Android show that users can customize their business accounts by selecting a category in this new section called ‘Businesses Nearby’.

According to the report, the same feature will be released for iOS WhatsApp Beta, however its release date has not been announced yet.

This feature is not yet available from WhatsApp, but will be released in the next update for users who are already using the Business Directory feature.

According to the report, it is not yet clear whether this feature will be released to users living in countries other than Sao Paulo.