When does Will The Corona Epidemic end? UN Warns

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the current Corona epidemic is unlikely to end.

According to the details, in the virtual meeting held by the emergency committee of the World Health Organization, it has been pointed out that at present there is no possibility of ending the global epidemic.

The meeting was informed that progress has been made in vaccination and treatment of corona.

At the meeting, the committee called for further investigations into Corona’s elements so that the epidemic could be brought under control in the future.

At the meeting, the committee stressed that the use of masks, physical distance, keeping hands clean and improving the indoor air circulation system are still necessary to reduce the transmission of corona virus.

The committee insisted that proof of vaccination should not be required for international travel, nor should it be the only condition.

Countries should take steps from the point of view of risks for international travel rather than conditions, including measures such as tests and quarantine when appropriate.