Why Do These Marks Appear On Train Carriages?

Everyone in life travels by train from time to time and most people enjoy train travel a lot.

Some people find the train journey quite long and they also express disgust with this long journey.

All this aside, everyone at the station must have seen the marks on the train carriages, but their meaning and purpose are also unknown.

So today we will give you some information about the markings on the train carriages.

X Mark:

The X mark is placed on the back of every passenger train and freight train, which means that the train is complete from one station to another.

 If there is no such sign, the railway officials at the station understand that there must have been an accident with the train due to which the train could not reach the next station.

This accident can be of any kind such as the train being looted by a group, the train derailed or the train fell into a ditch etc. This mark is usually white or yellow in color and its size. Is also quite large.

L And V Mark:

This sign means the last box of the train, the purpose of writing these words is also that when the train comes from one station to another, it will be known that the train has arrived at the said station and no one The accident did not occur.

Why Is There A Light Behind The Train?

Installing this light means that if the X mark is not visible at night, then this light is installed on the last compartment of the train at night and it should be lit, so that at night when the train leaves a station Arriving at the second station, the rioters are satisfied to see that the light is on and that the train has not had an accident.

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