Would You Like To Eat A Leopard With Its Cubs?

The lion and the leopard are bloodthirsty animals that devour their prey in the body. But there is also a cheetah that is in danger of being eaten by humans.

A video of a Swiss chef going viral on Instagram has scared the leopard out of people’s hearts.

Swiss chef Emory Guichon, who is famous for making animal figures and other sculptures with the help of chocolate, has performed his art on a leopard after a lion.

Looking at this chocolate leopard and its cub, one can imagine the fact that all the details in their preparation have been kept in mind by Emory.

Guichen designed the leopard for the Chinese Lunar New Year. And he also shared the title of the video shared on Instagram ‘Chocolate Tiger! Happy Lunar New Year. Because this year the Chinese lunar year is called Leopard.

The video shared by Guichen on social media has been viewed by over 3.7 million users so far, with thousands of likes.