North Korea’s spy satellite, Japan’s missile alert

Japan has made preparations to shoot down North Korea’s spy satellite. According to international media reports, Japan has activated its missile interceptors and is preparing to destroy any part of North Korea’s satellite that could fall on Japanese territory.

Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada instructed the military troops this week to prepare PAC-3 missiles to shoot down missiles launched from the ground into space in southwest Japan.

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Okinawa and its nearby islands are believed to be under the flight path of North Korea’s rocket, which would carry the satellite.

According to a ministry statement, they have also ordered the destruction of coastal vessels that pose a threat by shooting missiles into space with the SM-3 system.

They say that they are making necessary preparations due to the possibility of issuing orders to destroy ballistic missiles and other objects.

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Hamada has instructed the military to take necessary measures to limit damage in the event of a ballistic missile falling.

Abdul Rehman

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