On April 25th, the Pakistan People’s Party announced protests throughout the province of Sindh to hold elections in the entire country on a single day.

According to Nisar Khoro, the President of PPP Sindh, the party will hold extensive protests at all district headquarters of Sindh on Tuesday, April 25th, as Sindh does not accept the decision to hold separate elections for different regions except for the One Day Cricket format.

Khoro said that according to section 69 of the Election Act, elections for all assemblies should be held on the same day, and holding separate elections is equivalent to dividing the country into two parts, which Sindh, the province that made Pakistan, will not allow.

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He said that it is the authority of the Election Commission to hold elections, and they should make the decision. If the Supreme Court wants to review the decision, it can, and if the Punjab and KP assemblies need to be reinstated, they should be reinstated.

Abdul Rehman

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