“Our people were coerced into updating software: Imran Khan”

“Our people were coerced into updating software: Imran Khan. Islamabad: Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, has said that our people were coerced into updating software and we are becoming Banana Republic. According to details, former Prime Minister Imran Khan has severely criticized his and PTI leaders’ FIRs by the FIA in his recent tweet, calling it “FIA’s circus.” He said that we are becoming a Banana Republic where there is no rule of law and only the law of the jungle prevails. Imran Khan wrote, “Our people are coerced and then FIRs are registered. If someone gets bail in one FIR, another is registered. There are more than 145 FIRs against me. It’s a circus of FIRs.” PTI Chairman tweeted that the gatekeeper of Bani Gala, the chef of Zaman Park, the social media team, and security incharge were coerced, and all were targeted with violence and forced to update the software.

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He wrote that when Ali Ameen Gandapur was granted bail in one case, another FIR was lodged against him. He was taken out of the hospital before he could fully recover from his illness. The former Prime Minister criticized the government’s alliance as fascist and criticized that there is fascism in the country right now.”

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