“Pakistan Democratic Movement announces protest in Islamabad despite Section 144”

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has announced a protest outside the Supreme Court in the red zone tomorrow, and preparations are underway for a sit-in in Islamabad by the opposition alliance despite Section 144 being imposed.

According to ARY News, the PDM has requested permission from the Islamabad administration. The request was signed by Tariq Fazal, Maulana Abdullah, and Malik Abrar in the name of the Deputy Commissioner. It should be noted that Section 144 is in force in Islamabad, which prohibits gatherings of four or more people.

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The district administration has not yet withdrawn the notification of Section 144 in Islamabad and the PDM will have to take it back for its protest in the red zone.

Sources say that the Islamabad administration is in a state of confusion about this matter. It is a difficult situation for the administration to deny permission to one group and grant it to another.

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According to sources, the administration and police are waiting for the Ministry of Interior’s guidelines.

Abdul Rehman

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