Pakistani Opposition Leader Stresses Importance of Dialogue and Consultation in Politics

Senator Mushtaq Hussain Syed of the Pakistan Muslim League-N has said that he hopes the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Siraj ul Haq, and Bilawal Bhutto for consultations will be successful in pulling Pakistan out of the quagmire, dialogue being the only way to achieve this.

Speaking to ARY News, the leader and senator of the PML-N said that dialogue among politicians is beneficial for the political environment, and he has always been a proponent of consultation and dialogue.

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Mushtaq Hussain Syed stated that he was the first one to bring up the need for consultation and dialogue in times of political tensions, and initiated discussions with the opposition in the Senate.

He also mentioned that if we can talk to Modi and terrorists, then why not talk to the opposition party? He expressed hope that the efforts for consultations by the Prime Minister, Siraj ul Haq, and Bilawal Bhutto will be successful, as dialogue is the only way to pull Pakistan out of its troubles.

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