“Pakistan’s PTI leader Asad Umar speaks on rebellion, sacrifice and Supreme Court decisions”

“Zardari, Fazal-ur-Rehman, and Maryam Nawaz are ready to offer sacrifice,” said Asad Umar, the Central Secretary General of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party. According to ARY News, while speaking to the media outside the Lahore anti-terrorism court, Asad Umar said that yesterday, rebellion was declared in Parliament, and once again personal attacks occurred. The issue of any judge of the Supreme Court cannot be discussed in Parliament.

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Asad Umar said, “In a country where the Constitution is being violated, what law will be there?” It seems that Zardari, Fazal-ur-Rehman, and Maryam Nawaz have made their decision and are ready to offer sacrifice for Shahbaz Sharif. Now it is up to Shahbaz Sharif to decide whether he is ready to offer his sacrifice or not.

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They said that the Supreme Court has shown great patience, and now it is time to implement the decisions of the Supreme Court.

The PTI leader said that if the Constitution is violated, it means that every Pakistani’s rights have been violated. The people of Pakistan will come out to defend constitutional rights.

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Farooq Habib said that during the one-year period, the principles of law and the Constitution have been disregarded, and now the entire nation’s eyes are on the Supreme Court. The PML-N wants to escape the electoral process, but if the orders of the Supreme Court are not implemented, then the decision will be on the streets.”

Abdul Rehman

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