‘Pan Burger’ becomes a topic of discussion on social media, video goes viral

A large number of people around the world, including Pakistan, like fast food, especially the young generation. These burgers are presented in the market in new ways.

Seeing this growing trend, burger vendors are preparing their burgers in unique and innovative ways to attract young customers.

Recently, a video shared on a Twitter account in India is going viral on social media in which a ‘Pan Burger’ is being made in a unique way.

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After beef, chicken, and chapli kebab, the video of the ‘Pan Burger’ has gone viral on the internet. However, after the video of the Pan Burger went viral, social media users are expressing their strong reactions to it.

In the viral video on various social media platforms, it can be seen that a burger vendor is preparing a Pan Burger on the street with new ingredients.

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In the video, the shopkeeper can be seen using various ingredients in the burger, such as fudge, chocolate, chocolate syrup, almonds, mayonnaise, betel leaves, and various sweet spices.

After the video went viral on social media, many users expressed their displeasure, while others made interesting comments.

From the comments section of this video, it can be estimated that internet users and food enthusiasts are not liking this food combination at all.

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