“Passengers benefited from airline’s mistake”

Tokyo: Travel enthusiasts took full advantage of a malfunction in the system of Japanese airline, ANA (All Nippon Airways), and bought expensive tickets at extremely low prices.

According to Bloomberg, there was a major error in ANA’s currency conversion (converting currency into dollars), which benefited the travelers and they bought expensive tickets at low prices.

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Reportedly, most of these tickets were for travel from Jakarta to Japan and Jakarta to New York, and then back to Southeast Asian regions, including tickets to airspaces like Singapore and Bali.

According to a cautious estimate, this 14,500-kilometer journey, which is usually available to the general public at a price 20 times higher than this, through ANA’s first class, costs around $10,000. However, due to the system malfunction, travelers were able to buy business class tickets for a few hundred dollars.

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The company, ANA Holdings Limited, confirmed that “this malfunction was detected on their website named VIT but it was not mentioned how many passengers benefited from this error.”

An ANA spokesperson said that those who had purchased tickets would be given a discount by the airline, and the final decision on this matter would be made by the end of next month.

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