Pervez Elahi: National Assembly Cannot Succeed Without Negotiations

“National Assembly cannot succeed without negotiations, without breaking it up,” says former Chief Minister of Punjab and President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Pervez Elahi. Pervez Elahi, along with other political leaders, including Wajahat Hussain and Rasikh Elahi, held a meeting where they expressed their views. During the meeting, the President of PTI said that the time for negotiations by the Supreme Court is coming to an end, and the government is instead conducting a systematic campaign against the Supreme Court instead of negotiations. The government wants to use negotiations as a delaying tactic.

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He said, “They cannot succeed in forcing the Supreme Court to back down. If the government was serious about the election, they would have announced breaking up the National Assembly on a certain date.” He also stated that the PML(N) is not even willing to take tickets for free in Punjab and wants to maintain its boycott of the election. The admission of boycotting by the PML(N) is a sign of their defeat.

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The former Chief Minister of Punjab also stated that PTI’s victory in Punjab and its government is now a foregone conclusion.

Abdul Rehman

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