“Pet Cat Causes Owner’s Severe Injury and Near-Death Experience”

Beli has caused the owner to end up in the mouth of death. Those who keep pets in their homes know that for some reason or the other, their animal may have been injured or caused someone else to be injured. But have you ever heard of someone losing their life near a collision with a cat? Yes, it has happened and people are surprised by the incident.

According to a report, in October, a person in Britain broke his neck, spine and started bleeding in his lungs, and the reason was his own pet cat.

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59-year-old Chris Rowley, who has a profession as a musician and is from Britain, revealed that this incident happened on 23rd October when he was alone at home with his Egyptian sphinx cat’s kitten (Irk).

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Rowley explained that when he was descending the stairs at night, Irk jumped onto him and in an attempt to save it, he moved away from the path. But his foot slipped, causing him to become severely injured and unconscious.

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Rowley lives in an apartment with his friend, but his friend was working the night shift. When he returned home, Rowley was found lying on a blood-soaked rug.

Rollie said that initially he didn’t feel the extent of his injuries, but later his doctor informed him that his skull, neck, and spine were fractured. The doctor told him that 9 of his vertebrae were broken, with more than one fracture in each vertebra, so he spent two weeks in the hospital.

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Chris Rollie said that he doesn’t remember much, just that he was falling very fast, and all of this happened within a few seconds, and then he fell down. He lay on the ground of his house for 14 hours, and his companion found him unconscious until he came home from work at night.

However, medical experts now say that Chris Rollie needs continuous care because it will take 6-12 months for his injuries to heal.

Abdul Rehman

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